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I’m a sucker for stationary. I love being organised and having pretty tools to do it with. I also love some of the unnecessary but beautiful stationary you can get!

The Kikki.K store in Covent Garden is absolutely beautiful. With the new year approaching I bought myself a 2018 planner to start planning how I’m going to make it my best year yet. 

Planner, Kikki.K

Scissors, Kikki.K

Decorations, Kikki.K

I’m in love with this 2018 a5 weekly planner, it’s so beautiful and I can’t wait to start using it!! It comes in different colours and the option to be monogrammed. I wish I’d had the time to get my diary monogrammed with my initials! Although it’s still amazing without it.

These gold scissors are probably the best looking scissors I’ve ever seen. They cut really well too, I’ve been using them for scrapbooking! The scissors just look good sitting on my desk not going to lie.

I also think the Christmas ball balls are so adorable!! I couldn’t resist because I thought they’d be beautiful for blog posts. That makes it ok right?!?

I hope you love stationary as much as I do and enjoyed this post! Let me know of any stationary brands you love and comment below if you buy/have bought anything from Kikki.K!


Love, Estelle         X


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