DIY Scarf

On a recent trip to London I fell in love with this fabric from Liberty. I bought a metre of it without knowing what I was going to do with it. I’ve recently been into wearing scarves as belts – it adds colour to any outfit and I love the effect. So I thought I’d take out my sewing machine and try to make my own! I’m so happy with the result.

P1040587 P1040588 P1040590 P1040592 P1040594 P1040598 P1040599 P1040601 P1040602 P1040604 P1040605 P1040609 P1040611 P1040612 P1040613


The photos are quite self-explanatory, it’s only a simple project but here is a list of everything I done:

Mark on the wrong side of the fabric the size of the scarf you want to make. (Bear in mind that we’ll fold the fabric in half and need a 1cm seam allowance on each side for sewing).

Cut fabric.

Pin the fabric right sides together, leaving one short edge free – we’ll need to turn the scarf the right way round later on.

Sew two out of the three open edges.

Turn the fabric the right way round, using scissors to push out the corners.

Fold the open side in towards itself and pin, so you can’t see the raw edge of the fabric.

Pin the rest of the edges to top stitch (optional on the long edges – I only top stitched the short edges on my choker and it worked perfectly)

That’s it! You now have a scarf/choker.

P1040614 P1040618 P1040616

I even made a mini one without the top stitching to wear as a fabric choker!

P1040625 P1040623


I hope you enjoyed this post, please let me know if you try this out! Thank you for reading :).


Love, Estelle         X


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