Prague 2016

Here’s a montage of some of my favourite photos from Prague! I’d definitely recommend for anyone to visit Prague, it was amazing. I loved every second. There was so much to do, everything is in close proximity and it’s so easy to get around. P1040477 P1040463 P1040462 P1040460 P1040458 P1040457 P1040454 P1040452 P1040451 P1040449 P1040448 P1040444 P1040442 P1040440 P1040438 P1040436 P1040435 P1040433 P1040431 P1040429 P1040428 P1040427 P1040425 P1040424 P1040423 P1040422 P1040419 P1040418 P1040416 P1040413 P1040412 P1040410 P1040408 P1040403 P1040401 P1040400 P1040396 P1040394 P1040393 P1040391

I hope you enjoyed this little post! I enjoyed every second I spent here. Thanks for reading.


Love, Estelle         X


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