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I went a bit makeup crazy this month, buying trying and testing new products. But I don’t regret it one bit, you can never have too much makeup – it’s most girls weakness. 


So here are the products I’ll be writing about today that have been well and truly tried and tested.


I’ll start with brushes – I’ve never had loads of makeup brushes I always used the ones that came in makeup palettes for eyeshadow, I had a few face brushes and a beauty blender. But at the start of the year I got these U-SPICY professional essential 32-piece makeup brush set as I started getting more into makeup. And at only £14.99 I wasn’t going to complain. Since they came I’ve never looked back, I never realised how much a good set of brushes can improve the overall look of someones makeup. I would definitely recommend this affordable brush set to anyone who is trying to improve their makeup skills.

I also got the Finishing brush from Superdrugs own brand “B.” (because in December I bought a translucent setting powder), I’d heard good things about their own brand brushes. And although it is a good brush, it isn’t quite as soft as I’d like. It does its job well, however I don’t think I’d repurchase it if it got lost – I’d definitely try something else.

All 4 eyeshadow palettes are from Beauty Bay, I’d never heard of the online store before I saw it recommended on someones YouTube tutorial.  They were so fast with delivery and have an amazing selection of UK and American brands.


The first palette I tried was the Zoeva Cocoa Blend, I absolutely love warm coloured eyeshadows and these  are so pigmented and easy to blend. I can’t get over how good quality the shadows are, considering it was only £15.50 for 10 shadows!!



I swatched all the eyeshadows for you just so you can see how crazy good quality it is! I will definitely have to try more of the Zoeva palettes.

This is an eyeshadow look I created with the palette (I also used the NYX jumbo pencil in milk for my water line and the MAC highlighter in soft and gentle in my inner corner).


The next eyeshadow palettes are BEAUTY BAY the Collection they are ridiculously good value at only £9.95 for 12 shadows.


I was so upset when the first palette I opened had a broken shadow (very bottom right). But after trying the shadows I couldn’t be happier, although they are not as pigmented as the Zoeva shadows they are so buildable. I think they’re great quality shadows.

I swatched the 5 bottom row eyeshadows of the bottom palette, you can see the gentle shimmer and how creamy they are when applied.

I bought quite a bit from  MAC, two of the products were the Prep + Prime Fix + spray and the Pro Longwear Concealer in NC20. The Fix + spray honestly is amazing for fixing your makeup and making shadows stick to your eyelids all day (when applied to the brush before the shadow/pigment). And the concealer is just as amazing, it doesn’t crease on me (finally a concealer that doesn’t crease on me!!)  and it lasts all day. I would definitely repurchase both.

I also got the Rose Gold Pigment and the Soft and Gentle mineralise skinfinish which is possibly THE best highlighter.

This is the pigment applied with no fix + (the fix + would just help to secure it all day), and it is BEAUTIFUL!! I can’t get over how shimmery and amazing this pigment is.

Above is an eye look I created using the rose gold pigment. I am honestly in LOVE!!

The highlighter is just as amazing, I’ve been putting it all over my face pretty much because of how much I adore it (you can never have too much shimmer!).

Swatches just to show you how great the shimmer is in different lighting.

I got the NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk and the Dewy Finishing Spray. I’ve been using the pencil in my waterline to really open up my eyes – and it works great. I love the dewy finish for the skin it looks so much more natural, and the spray is an affordable good quality one.

I also got a new foundation (I’ve had it before but this is just in a slightly darker shade because I’ve fake tanned), I got the Clinique anti-blemish solutions foundation in shade 02. Its a good foundation and very buildable. You can barely tell you’re wearing it, it’s so lightweight.

Finally, I have to end with the NYX soft matte lip cream, this formula is honestly amazing! And if you only try one thing from my horrific rambling on this post it should definitely be this. It’s amazing value.


Its so creamy, smells delicious and isn’t drying on the lips whatsoever, I NEED every single colour!!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and if you’ve managed to read everything well done to you!! I didn’t realise how long this post would be! Thank you for reading, and I’d love to hear some of your recent purchases in the comments below.



Love, Estelle     X



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    • January 21, 2016 / 12:51 pm

      London 04, Cannes 19, Copenhagen 20 lightest to darkest 🙂
      Sorry I forgot to mention it! <3

      • January 21, 2016 / 12:56 pm

        Hehe I spotted Cannes because it’s my favorite 😉 so pretty!

  1. January 21, 2016 / 5:45 pm

    beautiful haul!! the brushes look amazing too 🙂
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

  2. January 21, 2016 / 9:29 pm

    Amazing haul ! I have the MAC soft and gentle highlight and love it, definitely going to purchase the NYX soft matte lip creams 🙂 xoxo

    • January 21, 2016 / 9:31 pm

      You definitely should they’re amazing! <3

    • January 21, 2016 / 10:35 pm

      You’re welcome glad you enjoyed it 🙂 <3

  3. January 22, 2016 / 8:40 pm

    Love those pallets! Gorgeous.

  4. January 22, 2016 / 10:16 pm

    So fun! I will take these into consideration for my next purchases! Which of these do you recommend most?

    • January 23, 2016 / 8:00 am

      Definitely either the NYX lip creams or the zoeva palette! <3

  5. January 23, 2016 / 2:17 pm

    Can you subscribe to Boxycharm where you live? If you can it is certainly worth it. January’s box was out of this world. You can still get it if you subscribe before the 31st. Its worth is always way more than what you pay. Worth checking out.

  6. January 26, 2016 / 9:45 pm

    The brushes look so good I might have to try them!

  7. January 27, 2016 / 1:02 am

    NYX is my go-to for value and AMAZING product! I love everything I’ve tried from them. I currently use Urban Decay’s Unslick Setting Spray but am going to try out the NYX spray on your recc. Thanks!

    • January 27, 2016 / 7:07 am

      It’s such good value, let me know if you like the setting spray! 🙂 <3

  8. February 2, 2016 / 7:42 pm

    I love the pro longwear concealer! It really doesn’t crease.

  9. February 8, 2016 / 6:45 pm

    Those colors looks so vibrant and beautiful!
    Thanks for the like and checking out my blog. I gave you a follow. If you would like to follow me back that would be lovely 🙂

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