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In the summer I made the impulsive decision to go platinum blonde from a very dark brown, what’s worse is that I only kept it for a week. I thought I’d share my experience going platinum blonde, how I done it and what made me go back brown. I apologise in advance for the bad quality photos, I never knew I’d create a blog and write about it!

I watched a few youtube videos on how to do it at home, went to a sally’s store, then trusted my boyfriend[ex] to do it (crazy I know – it did turn out good though).

In order to get my hair platinum I used a dust free powder bleach, a 30 vol developer and a ash blonde/silver toner. And after two rounds of bleaching, and several rounds of toning I had platinum blonde hair. (Excuse the before photo it’s the only one I have on my phone and computer right now).

To bleach it I mixed the bleach and developer together (on the back of the packaging it should tell you what ratios to use). So starting at the ends I coated all of my hair leaving the roots until last as they hadn’t been dyed previously. Then its the waiting game, you will see your hair go through a wide spectrum of colours as your scalp  burns – exaggeration but still (my scalp slightly burnt because I have sensitive skin, not everyones will – don’t let that put you off!!).

After the first round of bleaching it was VERY yellow, I tried to tone it using a Wella toner but it done absolutely nothing, so I cried a bit thinking i’d ruined my hair and then went into round 2 of bleaching. My hair was not in a good state after this, i’d recommend putting coconut oil in your hair a few days prior to condition it.

After the second round, leaving the bleach in for about half an hour my hair reached the lightest it’d probably go. I toned it and I was happy with the result.


After I washed it for the first time it got a slightly yellow tone – YELLOW is not what I wanted. But i didn’t want to spend another £20 on toning products because I’d already spent a lot on making sure I wouldn’t run out of bleach or developer. I rewashed it with purple shampoo but it didn’t do much, now it wasn’t really yellow at all I was just used to my dark brown hair and the colour change was a massive shock.

I always complain about how slow my hair seems to grow, but when i was platinum it seemed to grow x100 it’s normal speed, well at least I noticed it a lot more. In under a week my dark roots started coming through and it looked like a ring around my head (slight exaggeration there – nobody else noticed it even when I pointed it out). But as I’m a perfectionist, it bothered me. And there was no way i’d want to bleach my hair every other week in order to keep it looking pristine.


So thats when I made the decision to go back to brown, platinum blonde is so high maintenance especially if you have dark hair like me. And although I liked how it looked, I didn’t have the time or money to keep up with it.

I’d definitely recommend for you to do it if you’ve been thinking about it, it’s quite an experience!! Looking back now though I wish I tired going grey or something cool because I had the platinum base – but no I just went back brown. Oh well, but now the brown dye is starting to fade off my ends so I have this slight ombre look in some lights (how exciting).

Thanks for reading and I’d love to answer any questions if you have some!


Love, Estelle      X


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  1. January 15, 2016 / 4:17 am

    I love your blonde look. A friend off mine has platinum hair and it’s crazy shiny. She is a hair stylist and can maintain hers without a problem. She also mixes Manic Panic colours in pink, green and blue just for variety. I think every time I see her, she has a new hairstyle. It keeps the customers coming. I think you will look great with grey hair, if you plan to try it.

  2. January 15, 2016 / 8:23 am

    That sounds amazing! And I will try it once my hair has recovered from all the bleaching:)!!

  3. January 26, 2016 / 10:47 am

    Hi Estelle! We think you rocked the Platinum hair and looked absolutely stunning!
    Either way, you look great either brown or platinum. Brown just gives you an overall warm, girl next door look. Platinum, all we can say is WOW!
    Thanks for the post!

    • January 26, 2016 / 11:09 am

      thank you so much, I agree about the brown! <3

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