My New Years Resolutions

I usually set myself completely unrealistic resolutions such as not eat chocolate or exercise every day – and let’s be honest that is never going to happen.

But this year I’ve tried to set myself more achievable resolutions that I can hopefully say I’ve stuck to by 2017.

  1. Care less what people think – yes I’m one of those girls that constantly worries about what people think of me, what I say and what I do. But this year I’d like to care a little less, be less serious, and only concentrate on my own thoughts and feelings.
  2. Take more photos – I often go on great days out that I end up forgetting about because I haven’t done anything to document it. I guess it’s why I liked the idea of a blog, because I’m able to share my experiences and thoughts. (Hopefully I manage to keep it up).
  3. Have a healthier lifestyle – since I’ve been catered at uni I’ve been getting about three different carbs on my plate at a time (although shepherds pie, sweet potato fries, and garlic bread is a good combination). I do go to the gym but after a meal like that I just feel disgusting and lie in a food coma for the rest of the night. So this year, now that I’m settled in at uni I will (hopefully) make healthier food choices and have a better lifestyle.
  4. Stop overthinking – sometimes when I’m trying to get to sleep my brain goes into overdrive thinking about random things that mean absolutely nothing (I mean I even worry about what I’m going to make myself for breakfast). So by 2017 I’d love to be able to switch off my brain going into overdrive and not have to spend hours trying to get to sleep.

Thanks for reading and I hope some might be relevant to you.


Love, Estelle        X


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