My Short Travelling Experience

Although I was only away for a month, travelling to Hong Kong and Bali has to be one of the best experiences in my life so far.

When looking for a holiday I’d never really considered going further than Europe. I looked at Bali thinking it’d be way over my budget (I mean people go there on their honeymoons there is no way I could afford it), and I was so surprised with how cheap the accommodation was out there. The only painful bit on the wallet was the flights (around £600 ouch), but as it is so far away – it’s around 20 hours of travelling, we decided to stop off on the way to Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a bit out of the way it is somewhere i’d always wanted to go.

So that was it, my holiday was booked, 5 days in Hong Kong then 20 days in Bali and an excruciating 50 hours of travelling.


I’ll start with Hong Kong – if only there wasn’t smog when I visited I might have actually taken more photos. Although I was only there for a short period of time and had the worst food poising I’ve ever had out there (twice), I wouldn’t change a thing. Everywhere was so easy to get to in Hong Kong especially because the cabs were so cheap, most things were walking distance too. One of the only downsides to going in July is that the heat is almost unbearable when you’re doing a lot of walking, thank god for hotel room air con.


Some of things I managed to do in Hong Kong were to eat in a Michelin star restaurant (which was so cheap as well, all the food is so cheap), visit Stanley Bay and the markets, visited Po Toi and ate at a little fish restaurant, went up Victoria Peak, looked around all the markets (mainly the Ladies Market) and went to mainland Hong Kong to take the photo above and do some shopping. It was honestly like another world and I still can’t get over how good some of the dim sum was.

I also loved how you could find hidden gems throughout the built up area.


Overall, Hong Kong was great and I’d love to do it again.


Bali was nice and relaxing in comparison to the amount of walking I did in Hong Kong, I stayed in three areas Kuta, Ubud and Sanur.

Kuta is the main party area and has a beach that goes on forever, it has loads of clubs that are within walking distance on the main road and lots of lovely restaurants (something you will not struggle with is finding a place to eat in Bali).

One of the things I would definitely recommend doing is going to Potato Head Beach Club, you can eat lunch there and spend the rest of the day relaxing and drinking. It is in such an idyllic location and you could definitely spend days on end there (if you were allowed). If you are staying in Kuta though I would advise you to get a cab (it took me almost two hours to walk along windy roads whilst getting lost).

Throughout Bali you will see hundreds of statues with offerings around them as well as temples. It is so nice to see a different culture first hand.

The second place I went to visit is Ubud, my one highlight throughout this whole holiday is visiting the monkey forest. It took a lot of practice, and getting over the initial fear but I finally managed to get a monkey to sit on my shoulder, and once it did it wouldn’t leave (I did have to bin my outfit though because monkeys are extremely dirty and poo got smeared everywhere, sorry if that was tmi!).

Most of the monkeys were happy just relaxing whilst others were very aggressive, one almost broke my camera (but i managed to capture it).

Another great thing to do in Ubud is tours – don’t book them in advance though because you can haggle and get them so much cheaper out there.


The final place I visited was Sanur which is excellent if you want to go snorkelling or scuba diving.


My final tip would be in Bali most things are sold in Rupees not in Dollars like some websites say!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and I didn’t go on too much (this is my first attempt of a blog post).



Love, Estelle      X





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  1. April 16, 2016 / 9:25 pm

    Wow! It seems like it was an amazing experience. I’m loving your blog!

    • April 16, 2016 / 9:41 pm

      Yes I loved every second, thank you so much!!

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